A Letter From our Founding Partner and Directer of Operations, Marsha Koca, R.N., C.H.P.N.

I would like to take this time to thank you for the opportunity to introduce you to what I believe to be an exciting and positive future for the hospice agency, Hospice Triage Solutions.

I have worked in the home health industry since 1992, specifically hospice since 2001. I have been employed by several different hospice agencies throughout the United States serving all areas of hospice nursing including management and patient care; admissions, case management, on call field nurse, and triage. I have experienced both sides of hospice, as a nurse and as a family member. It was my experience as a family member utilizing the care and expertise of the hospice agency's interdisciplinary team that I became aware of just what hospice is and what it means to the families the hospice agency serves. It is from that personal experience and the clinical knowledge learned over the years that Hospice Triage Solutions evolved.

I am dedicated to making Hospice Triage Solutions the most economical, reliable, knowledgeable, and compassionate after hours patient oriented nursing triage service. Typically, most patient/family complaints hospice agencies receive occur after hours. By utilizing Hospice Triage Solutions those dreaded complaints will be drastically reduced, if not eliminated. Coupled with Hospice Triage Solutions' philosophy and superb service, we will incorporate your high standard of care provided by your primary staff and implement your medical director's specific hospice orders for your patient. We will follow up each patient call received; encouraging and praising patient/family participation and confirming outcome results. Working together as a team, we will assure each of your patients receive accurate, effective, and precise after hours support/instruction in a timely, efficient and professional manner. And, to assure continuity of care, Hospice Triage Solutions will provide your agency and the interdisciplinary team a complete report detailing your patients' after hours concerns and the resolution provided.

I look forward to working with your agency staff and trust together we can make a positive difference in the hospice patient/family experience. Thank you for choosing Hospice Triage Solutions.