Hospice Triage Solutions' Services

Hospice Triage Solutions uses a proprietary state of the art telephonic triage system which is operated by experienced triage registered nurses. We provide a seamless transition from the hospice agency’s day operations to our night /weekend/ holiday operations by simply having the agency forward after-hours calls to our toll-free phone number. Our registered nurses will immediately begin receiving after-hour incoming calls using the individual agency’s personalized greetings.

Hospice Triage Solutions’ state of the art technology guarantees a rapid response to patients’ requests and needs by registered nurses who answer incoming calls, access patient records, gather and document reason for the call, and analyze possible interventions. These triage nurses use scripts to help gather complete information on medication use and other key aspects of the patients’ history. The triage nurse will provide advice and attempt to resolve the problem on the spot following individual agency’s medical directives and protocols.

Hospice Triage Solutions’ registered nurses are employees, not contract nurses.